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Apr 30, 2020

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You can use any trusted escrow on here.

All deals will be made instant

No delay in work.

Western Union + Paypal + Banks + Skrill/MoneyBookers Transferring WorldWide

I started all my stuff first deal on low rates to build trust with each other . I belongs to underground carders community and i have big experience in WU , Bank , PP and MB/skrill transfers . My rates are fixed so no negotiation terms of prices.All my Transfers are processed Immediately payment has been Confirmed. You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Western union Store in Your Location. All my Transfers are done using my own offshore servers and Accounts so you have Nothing to worry about.

For Western Union Transfer Info Needed :-

1: First Name
2: Last Name
3: City
4: Country

Western Union Transfering Worldwide.

You will get MTCN code + Sender info + amount and then you can pickup from any WU store office.

Note: Only 1 time transfer on 1 name in a week , if you need daily transfers then you must have to use more names .

Western Union Transfer Rates :

For $1500 Transfer = $200

For $2000 Transfer = $250

For $3000 Transfer = $300

For $4000 Transfer = $350

For $5000 Transfer = $400

For $7000 Transfer = $500

Rules For Bank Transfer :

For bank transfer you will provide me your bank info and i will transfer funds into your account within time limit as we promised . I will only do one transfer in a week on one bank account . If you need more transfers then arrange more bank accounts.

I`m Specially Transferring From These Countries:


1: Account Number
2: IBAN Or Swift Code Or Routing Number Or Sort Code
3: Bank Name
4: Name of the account holder


some clients asked me why i do this when i can do this for myself, well, of course i do this for myself, i'm not idiot, i have partners who pick up the money for me, but i'm not only interested in cash, i'm also interested in cryptocurrencies, i think is the money of the future, so i exchange a transfer for cryptocurrency, a good deal to be honest and for now everyone is earning, i earn cryptocurrency and you earn money until, that's all, until my service works i will do this for long term, so i suggest to you all to enjoy. i can assure you that i comply 100% with my orders and with my clients, i'm serious in my work and I expect the same attitude from you.

Bank Transfer Rates:

For $1500 transfer = $300

For $2000 Transfer = $350

For $3500 Transfer = $450

For $5000 Transfer = $600

For $7000 Transfer = $700

Paypal Transfer

I use hacked and verified PayPal accounts to transfer from one PayPal account to another.First I transfer to my safe accounts and then into customers accounts , com by the time I time I transfer to your account the money is already clean.You Can Spend these money online or you can cashout your PayPal easily! All The Transaction Will be done with in 1-2 hours after the confirmation of the payment from your side-

Paypal Transfer Rates :

For $1000 transfer = $150

For $2000 Transfer = $200

For $3500 Transfer = $300

For $5000 Transfer = $400

For $7000 Transfer = $450

MoneyBookers/Skrill Transferring Worldwide

Guys i`m doing moneybookers/skrill transfer worldwide....MoneyBookers Payment Will be Instant...i use my method for add funds with clear payment so no dispute and no chargeback will come. i add funds from bank account to moneybookers then send to customers in second moneybookers so no problem arise. For every time Transactions you must have different account for get MB funds.

Money Bookers/skrill Transfer Rates :

For $1500 Transfer = $200

For $2000 Transfer = $250

For $3000 Transfer = $300

For $4000 Transfer = $350

For $5000 Transfer = $400

For $7000 Transfer = $500


Payment Method

Bitcoins & Perfect Money Only

Jabber : [email protected]


Vouches and Cash Received by buyers
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