any help here....plz getting cash from my btc

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Aug 7, 2020
u see i'm sitting on a bit of btc i need to turn it into cash obviously... localbitcoins or paxfull might be my best choices but i have issue with that
first of all from most i've seen most transactions with cash involve smaller sums of money and i need to cash out a lot (not to mention such risks as the need for id or well actually meeting somone with cash in person should i bring my gun maybe a few frineds as gaurds or somthing?)
mixing's great but not exactly 100% perfect and idk to what degree would u say btc is mixed enought (and if u can suggest a good mixer or 2 that'll be great)

idk about the regulations in such places as local bitcoins/.... (not that where i live there are people wiling to pay with cash so i'll have to move around not to mention smuggle the cash back to where i live to launder in my small buisness later on -or somwhat spend it online from other countries buying my perishable tracless services... well u get the point)

and then there's the issue of u know constantly opening localbtc/pax accounts with 0 credibility
becuse i cannot let the btc get traced back -eventually even if mixers are great it'll take a bit of a while but will get done

(obviously xmr isn't as secure and private as we originally belived but maybe one day we'll get a true privatecoin)

i guess there are allwys such methods as converting to gift cards which are much less regulated and easier to convert to cash but once again there's the dilema of just how tracable it is not to mention questions such as for example the volume of convertion

any help? any advice?

i guess there's also one high risk option... gold from the darknet/..... buying gold is high risk but if it ships and all well then it is easy to convert into cash money
(now we have the issue of safe secure shipping... well again lots and lots of risks but gold is fairly what's the word dense in it's value)
-i guess there's the same argument for gems and such but here we have pretty bad regulations ever since the public heard stories and watched that movie about blood dimonds mining in the congo and such... so much harder to sell

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